Customer Stories

See how Wattsense is helping companies connect to buildings.

Accurate energy billing with EKIVOLT and Wattsense

Kocliko easily deploys its solution for heating bill allocation

Delphis makes HVAC and refrigeration efficient in airports, retail stores, supermarkets, and a campus.

CBRE optimizes the maintenance and energy performance of SHELL service stations.

How Wattsense and Intent Improved Nexity Property Management's Occupant Experience.

Setemi creates a BMS network using the Wattsense Box.

Idex connected 7 residential buildings to its SCADA in one day.

Bouygues Energies & Services connects heating and cooling equipment in a 3,900 m² office building.

MESFRUITS optimizes the energy consumption of its cold rooms with the collaboration of Eqinov and Wattsense.

Adeunis, Energisme and Wattsense have put in place a solution that allows to monitor, control and alert on the temperature of a hot sanitary water grid.

Adeunis, Energisme and Wattsense have implemented a solution that transforms the Ibis Confluence manual air conditioning equipment into a smart system

Adeunis, Energisme and Wattsense have developed a turnkey solution to monitor and follow the evolution of energy consumption

Calidity deployed its solution into two buildings in two days and saved millions in R&D.