Customer Stories

See how Wattsense is helping companies better connect to buildings.

How Wattsense and Intent Improved Nexity Property Management's Occupant Experience.

Idex connected 7 residential buildings to its SCADA in one day.

Adeunis, Energisme and Wattsense have put in place a solution that allows to monitor, control and alert on the temperature of a hot sanitary water grid.

CBRE optimizes the maintenance and energy performance of SHELL service stations.

Adeunis, Energisme and Wattsense have implemented a solution that transforms the Ibis Confluence manual air conditioning equipment into a smart system

Adeunis, Energisme and Wattsense have developed a turnkey solution to monitor and follow the evolution of energy consumption

Calidity deployed its solution into two buildings in two days and saved millions in R&D.

MESFRUITS optimizes the energy consumption of its cold rooms with the collaboration of Eqinov and Wattsense.

Setemi creates a BMS network using the Wattsense Box.

Bouygues Energies & Services connects heating and cooling equipment in a 3,900 m² office building.