The easiest, fastest and most affordable way to deploy your app into buildings.

Our mission is to make buildings more connected so that others can make them operate better.

Wattsense is a technology company that builds IT infrastructure for property management. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our hardware and software to deploy applications in facilities.

The potential of building management technologies

Despite the fast growth of new technologies to better manage properties, only a tiny fraction of the 40 million facilities in the world is benefiting from these advancements today.

Legacy IT from equipment and BMS manufacturers, integration costs, and a shortage of automation engineers are constraining the impact of the PropTech industry.

Removing the barriers to asset connectivity helps companies deliver higher technical staff efficiency, increase building occupant comfort and reduce significantly the energy footprint of buildings.

The new connectivity stack

Wattsense combines hardware with software that enable client applications to scale from one building to the next.

Your app

Maintenance optimization, energy management, comfort control: deliver game-changing services to the property industry.

Cloud service

Plug your app to a reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure.


Connect-it-all device. Extra simple to install and yet powerful.


From small retail stores to airports, deploy your app in all buildings that come your way.

A new approach to an old problem

The internet has deeply transformed the world economy, and still the vast majority of building assets are still not connected and remain in an underperforming state which causes deficiencies for occupants, service providers, and owners.

Solution rooted in code

Solution rooted in code

While legacy players in the BMS industry rely on numerous PLCs, gateways, VPNs and automation engineering to connect assets, Wattsense applies state-of-the-art software technologies to make the field integration complexity a problem of the past.

Industry-leading app connector

Industry-leading app connector

Our cloud-based services, extensive documentation, and admin console contain everything a business needs to deploy at scale its application.

New business model

New business model

Wattsense offers a flexible service, it allows to avoid hidden costs, reduce investment and choose apps freely to operate buildings.t. It is designed to serve the property management industry looking for agility.

Removing field complexity

We build connectors to all the things that are found in buildings so our users don’t have to.

Customer application
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From startups to property giants

Companies of all sizes in over 20 countries use Wattsense to start, run and scale the deployment of their apps in buildings.

Wattsense is located near Lyon, France.

39 chemin du Moulin Carron - 69570 Dardilly
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Louis Vermorel


Louis Vermorel
We are a technology start-up that works towards more connected facilities.

The Team

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Communications Manager

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Software Engineer

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Senior Software Embedded Engineer

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Account Executive

Louis Vermorel


Hervé Paudrat

VP of electronics

Timothée Regnier

Technical Support Engineer

Florence Baudry


Charlotte Pero

Executive Assistant

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Technical Support Engineer

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Quality Assurance Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Embedded Systems Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Product Manager

Mohamed Zenadi

Software engineer