Everything you need to deploy smart building applications


Cloud Platform

API-fication of building management systems. Abstracts away the chaotic BMS network technologies.

Web infrastructure service to deploy smart building apps

  • Connect and manage your fleet of Boxes.

  • Configure field networks remotely. No need to call for an automation engineer.

  • Collect data and control building equipment.

  • 2G/4G GSM communication included in our cloud platform subscription.

Web infrastructure service to deploy smart building apps
A RESTful interface which connects your app

A RESTful interface which connects your app

  • Access your database.

  • Send commands.

  • Configure network and variables.

  • Manage events (under development).

API reference →

Management console

  • Manage your Wattsense services.

  • Get manual access to the API functionalities.

Management console

Wattsense cloud platform is an abstraction layer which relieves smart building developers from a series of contingencies, boosting their productivity and streamlining the design of their apps.

Reliable networking

Reaching the Boxes is abstracted away. The platform is always on to receive the notifications from the Boxes, even if the app itself is not. It relieves the apps from timeouts and retries policies which are required when trying to establish a direct connection to a Box.

Basic instrumentation

The platform monitors the health of the network of Boxes, and provides programmatic options to notify relevant parties. Those statistics are compiled and made available to a sysadmin audience on the side of the apps.

Defense in-depth

Proactive maintenance of the IoT fleet driven by the platform to safeguard the Boxes from being turned into a botnet.

Box versioning

The Boxes will evolve (they have to), which will lead to multi-version support challenge. The platform abstracts away the diversity to present a unified vision of the Boxes, irrespective of their original version.

Event-driven data layer

The stream of events/notifications produced by the Boxes is typically not suitable to be consumed as such. The platform provides a consolidation of those data into an event store, which ensures reliable access to historical data, as well as querying capabilities (per Box, building, time interval, etc.).


Connected device designed for building equipment networks

  • Collect data and send commands.

  • Universalize the various BMS field communication protocols into one embedded API.

  • Connect automatically to Wattsense cloud platform through 2G/4G or ethernet.

  • A white-label product so you can promote your own brand.

  • Host plug-ins, edge computing capability for low-latency and fail-safe features.

The building has a BMS?

The Box connects to the primary bus of the BMS as a third party.

There is no BMS?

A BMS network can be created from the Box.

Supported communication protocols

  • Modbus

  • BACnet

  • LonWorks (under development)

  • We are at the very beginning... many more to come

CPU: ARM Cortex A7
Memory: 256MB DDR3 SDRAM
Storage: 256MB NAND Flash
100ms power cut protection
9V-28V DC power input
Consumption: 5W
T° range: -40°C to 85°C
Size: 210 x 90 x 60 mm
Weight: 300g
2 x RS485
1 x RS232
2 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet
1 x USB
Wifi with external antenna
2G/4G global coverage
OS: Linux
Seamless integration with BMS controllers and building equipment
Full control & telemetry
SSH connection
Server communication over WebSocket
Automatic software update
New feature
Planned features
Mesh network
Web server
Equipment discovery
Automatic configuration
User plugins
And more

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