The most versatile LoRaWAN Gateway

Connect any LoRaWAN sensor. Send data remotely or locally to any network with our open multi-protocol gateway.

How does it work?

Access and use data from LoRaWAN devices and other equipment quickly and without coding.
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1. Raw LoRaWAN

Our LoRaWAN gateway locally processes raw LoRaWAN frames from IoT devices.

2. Extraction

LoRaWAN Frames are decoded, and the selected data is extracted.

3. Data transfer

Data is sent to an online user interface, where it can be visualised.

4. Use of data

The data from LoRaWAN devices can easily be used in a local supervisor or a cloud app.

LoRaWAN technology is just a few clicks away!

Connect your LoRaWAN devices in a couple of minutes thanks to a configuration wizard and a growing database of 300+ decoded LoRaWAN devices.

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Technical Characteristics of the LoRa Gateway

Discover the technical specifications of our gateway based on LoRa technology
Supported protocols
Power Supply

All the following protocols are available simultaneously on the LoRaWAN Gateway :

● LoRaWAN 1.0
● Modbus TCP/IP
● Modbus RTU
● BACnet IP
● LON IP-852
● LON FT10
● M-Bus
● Diematic

The Wattsense LoRaWAN gateway operates as an intelligent converter and unifies field communication protocols.

Thanks to the LoRaWAN to Bacnet-modbus TCP/IP functionality of our gateways you can easily and quickly modernize your building management system by connecting it to LoRaWAN equipment.

Two Products. One Gateway

Choose the product that better suits your needs.


Local product for both on-premises building management and private Cloud connectivity.


A remote product that collects data, creates graphs, sets up alarms, and communicates with the equipment via the Wattsense Cloud server.

Connect your building to the Smart Buildings Ecosystem

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Do you want to add value to your building with LoRaWAN?

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Technical Assistance
  • Made in France

They trust us

  • Data from buildings allows the optimization of energy performance using analysis through smart management.

    Joseph El Haddad

  • The Wattsense solution allowed us to streamline subscription costs by centralizing all of the sensors on a single interface.

    Théo Savre

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