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Deploying your software to your customer's buildings has never been easier.

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Connect to buildings right now with your own team
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Computerized Maintenance Management System


Integrated Workplace Management System


Building Information Modeling


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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition


Any software, from simple features to latest tech

Building's features with Wattsense


It is no longer needed to use an integration company. Your authorized low-voltage technicians can connect the Wattsense Box to building equipment or the BMS network. The Box automatically connects to our cloud platform.

The laborious configuration of the network is drastically simplified by Wattsense and is realized remotely in a few clicks from our platform.

...and Play

Your software connects to your customer's building via our Application Programming Interface, referred to as API. It can thus recover the data and send commands

The Wattsense API is RESTfull. This is the technology that has prevailed in the web to connect two software services. The interfacing of your software to our API is a matter of days. Once you've done this, you're ready to scale your solution to your customers' buildings.

Plug and play
Save time

Save time

No need to manage GSM network providers, VPN services, automation integrators, Wattsense brings all these services together in a single subscription.

Connect all you need

Our Box can unify and streamline your data flow. It easily connects to other hardware and acts as a data hub: IoT modules, Lora dongles, gateways, PLCs, meters, etc.

Connect all you need

The Wattsense Advantage

  • Offer more competitive FM contracts with shorter durations.

  • Increase the profitability of your contracts.

  • Deploy your service faster and with your own teams.

  • Easily share the data with other building stakeholders.

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