We believe in the power of ecosystem and we are here to serve the innovative companies that transform the digital building industry. With Wattsense you can deploy your app and deliver uncomparable services using state of the art technology.

User console

What’s in it for me?

Scale from one building to the next
Scale from one building to the next
Unlock the growth potential of your solution by abstracting the chaos of the “field” layer in buildings.
Affordable and open
Affordable and open
Connect any device/equipment/BMS to your application.
A solution at a price that provides value in any building size.
Technical scalability
Technical scalability
No more burdensome ad-hoc development for each and every building you connect to. Have one unified programmatic interface to link your app.
Commercial predictability
Commercial predictability
It is really hard to present standard offers when relying on multiple PLC solutions and lengthy integrations. Wattsense simple pricing lets you engage in large deals with property owners and facility managers without knowing each of their buildings.

How does it work?



Wattsense Box

Powerful device packed with building connectivity options and computing power.


Configuration wizard

Connect in a few clicks, IoT sensors, equipment, and BMSs.


User console

Administrate your fleet of Boxes and access your data, logs, commands, user admin, etc.


Application Programming Interface

An API to connect your applications securely at scale.

Use cases


MESFRUITS optimizes the energy consumption of its cold rooms with the collaboration of Eqinov and Wattsense.


Calidity deployed its solution into two buildings in two days and saved millions in R&D.

Ibis Confluence

How to monitor the building to optimize its operation and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Why is Wattsense different?

Wattsense Box/Hub
  • Easy and fast to install
    Anyone can do it! If you have a hard time believing it, let us show you.
  • All-in-one
    1 Box is replacing 4 hardware devices: edge device, multi-protocol PLC, modem and IoT gateway.
  • Flexible solution
    For all buildings, from gas stations to airports. From connecting few IoT sensors to thousands of data points from a BMS.
  • On-demand
    A variety of pricing plans to match the diversity of your projects.
  • Everything programmable
    Manual setup and control are fine when managing a few buildings. But to scale, programmable technologies are the only way.
  • Tech support
    We go beyond the ordinary to make the projects of our customers a success. Try us!

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