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The new standard in building connectivity

Wattsense is an on-demand, non-intrusive building connectivity service. We help forward-thinking facility managers deliver operational efficiency and create higher value customer services.

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Wattsense Box

You build, We deploy

Whether you create an air-conditioning system upgrade for your workspace as a night shift project, deliver a facility management service to thousands of office buildings with a CMMS, or ship a multimillion-dollar end-to-end energy saving solution for a hotel chain, Wattsense enables you to deploy your apps from one building to the next.

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Plug and Play

Legacy BMS communication protocols and networks don’t always play nice. Wattsense's API offers an abstraction layer over the technical building IT infrastructure to help your apps connect and scale faster.

Supported communication

Plug and Play

How it works

It’s super easy and straightforward to connect your app
to any building using Wattsense




Sign up, order a Box and a monthly subscription.

Install the Box


Install the Box

Connect it to the local BMS network or directly to the equipment.

Connect your app


Connect your app

Configure the local network in our User Console and connect your app to our API. Your app is deployed!


Companies that redefine the industry standards

Bouygues Energy & Services


Building Management Systems have evolved into a series of incompatible components and impenetrable architectures. This chaotic technological infrastructure forms a barrier between buildings and the mainstream software industry. This is where Wattsense comes in.

How you can
improve buildings

An API to fuel smart building

The software world is powered by APIs which help developers focus on their core engineering and ship apps faster. Wattsense is sorting out the legacy BMS IT infrastructure, so that smart building developers don’t have to.

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