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A simple and open IoT solution that allows you to control and monitor buildings. Reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort with Wattsense.

Upgrade your buildings with an intuitive and open BMS infrastructure

Collect and unify all your new and existing BMS data

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Plug and Play

Wattsense is super simple to install in the field by an electrician. You can configure it in no-time from anywhere.

Connect it all

Numerous communication protocols - open and closed - and a growing database of over 500 equipment, we help you connect to any device, wired, and IoT. If a device is not already in our database, just let us know, and we will add it for free.
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Customer Stories

How Wattsense and Intent Improved Nexity Property Management's Occupant Experience.

CBRE optimizes the maintenance and energy performance of SHELL service stations.

Setemi creates a BMS network using the Wattsense Box.

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How it works

It’s super easy and straightforward to connect your app to any building using Wattsense


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Get a Box or a Hub.

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In less than a day, connect it to your building devices or your BMS.


Set it up

Configure the local network from anywhere and in no-time thanks to our intuitive user console.


Run your app

Connect your app to our API. The building has just been upgraded!


Companies that redefine the industry standards
  • "Wattsense brings transparency and openness to building's data and the Smart Building sector"

    Fabio Munaretto Co-founder of Kocliko
  • "Data from buildings allows the optimization of energy performance using analysis through smart management."

    Joseph El Haddad Energy Performance Manager
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Always improving

Wattsense is an always-improving infrastructure service that gains new features every month.

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Truly simple

We obsessively seek out new ways to make the BMS infrastructure simpler. Our job is to turn a chaotic IT legacy into a modern and intuitive abstraction.

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