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Distribute an IoT solution that brings BMS technologies to all buildings.

Why Wattsense?

Plug and Play solution
Plug and Play solution
Wattsense is super simple to install in the field by an electrician. You can configure it in no-time from anywhere. The Wattsense solution reduces integration costs and inconvenient interventions on busy sites.
Easy BMS integration and use
Easy BMS integration and use
Wattsense allows small and medium-sized buildings to have a BMS by removing technical complexity for an affordable price.
Quickly connect field devices, configure networks, set schedules, visualize and share data.
Multi-Protocol converter
Multi-Protocol converter
The Wattsense solution communicates with key protocols, private or standard, making it compatible with over 500 devices.
Visit our Compatibility Checker to explore our database.

LoRaWAN to Bacnet Gateway

Using this feature, integrators can access locally the data of any LoRaWAN sensor. At the same time, property managers can provide their tenants with energy efficiency, comfort, security, air quality, and more.

LoRaWAN to BACnet gateway

Our Partner ecosystem

Wattsense is already preconfigured to connect with more than 20 popular Smart Building services. The growing Wattsense community consists of key service providers, apps, software publishers, and IoT solutions integrated with our solution.
Partners and distributors
With an industry-leading IoT solution that offers users value and easy to demo products, Wattsense sells itself. Your customers can comply with BACS decree requirements, improve equipment performance, reduce operational costs and energy consumption.

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